Studio Services & Rates 
Mastering                              $50.00/Hour** 
Tracking                                $50.00/Hour**
2 Hr Min
ProTools Editing                     $50.00/Hour** 2 Hr Min
5.1 Surround Mixing/Encoding $100.00/Hour 
Sound Design                         $75.00/Hour** 
Producer Services                  $400.00/Song** 
Lockouts                               $600.00/Day** 

  • Provides exclusive access to tracking room, covers any tracking and editing required.  
  • Hours available per day can vary from 7 to 10 hours.  
  • The studio assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to client's tapes, hard drives, and equipment beyond reasonable care. 
  • CD Burning $5.00 per CD for 1st copy, $3.00 each additional copy.
  • Mastering is not included. 

**Student, school and church group discounts available. 

Audio Production Services  

Audio Book Production  
Music Production  
Digital Audio Editing  
Agencies For Voice Overs  
5.1 surround sound mixing and Dolby Digital Encoding  
Music Composition and song writing services  
Post Production Voice Recording  
Audio For the world wide web  
Forensic Evidence Audio  
Audio Restoration  

506 Crew Studio Time Specials  

PACKAGE 1  - ONLY $1800 
24 Hours Recording  
(3 Eight Hour Days)  

8 Hours of Mixing.         

PACKAGE 2 - ONLY $1200  
(1 Eight Hour Day)  
2 Hours of Mastering  
6 CD Masters Includes:  
16 Hours Recording  
(2 Eight Hour Days)  
6 Hours of Mixing  
(1 Six Hour Day)  
4 Hours of Mastering.    

PACKAGE 3 - ONLY $700 
(1 Four Hour Day)  
6 CD Masters Includes:  
8 Hours Recording  
(1 Eight Hour Day)  
4 Hours of Mixing  
2 Hours of Mastering  
4 CD Masters.